Redington SonicDry Wader Review

A few weeks back I posted my initial thoughts on the new Redington SonicDry wader. I now have a couple more weeks under my belt fishing them, and my opinion of them hasn’t changed. Frankly, the only reason I waited Continue reading

Korkers Wading Boot – Devils Canyon

Traction, Traction, Traction… That’s what wading boots are all about right? Well at least for years most boots you’d pick up at your local fly shop sported traditional felt bottoms that clung well to the river bottom. It seemed like for Continue reading

Chota Wading Boot Review

Chota Wading Boots

You can spend a large chunk of your fishing gear dollars on wading boots, but when you fish frequently, a quality wading boot investment will result in more days on the river. Recently I set out to put together a Continue reading

L.L. Bean Wading Jacket Review

L.L. Bean Wading Jacket

After a few trips fishing in steady rain, I wondered if it was finally time to review a wading jacket. I scoured the web a bit and found an L.L. Bean Wading Jacket that seemed to fit the criteria I Continue reading