Risen Fly Waterproof Fly Box Review

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IMG_6104Another fly box review – funny how things seem to come in pairs. Alongside our most recent fly box review, I had the chance to perform a review on Risen Fly’s Waterproof fly box.

Ryan (owner) of Risen Fly is a real nice guy and his company Risen Fly has been getting tons of attention lately with their awesome prices on fly fishing gear. He graciously provided a couple waterproof boxes for our review and to giveaway. I’ve been fishing with the box now for a little under a month and have had a great time at it.



This box is about 1.5x the size of the last box we reviewed. At approximately 2″ thick, 6″ long, and 4″ wide, its designed to hold more flies of various sizes. Its dimensions fit snugly in a standard vest pocket, with a small amount of length to spare.


Equipped with a flip page that is double sided, its designed to fit a lot of flies. A noticeable feature of the flip page is its construction into the hinge of the box itself. Paired with the double clasped opening what results is a flip page that can either be fixed to one of the main sides or can move independent of both sides if both clasps are unlatched. This is a nice feature when you like to separate various types of flies to different sections of the box. I kept some colorful bass flies on one side and the more commonly fished dry flies on the other.

In addition to the fixed or freely swinging flip page is the reverse designed main pages. This is quite a creative feature in my opinion. The foam on each side is fixed in a direction opposite of the foam of the opposing page. Confusing? – actually pretty simple. As the logo is printed on each page, all you need to do is open the box with the logo reading left to right (or if holding vertical; down to up). Its a nice added feature, but it would also be nice if there was a distinction between each of the two sides on the outside so as to easily tell them apart other than where the hinge is located.


The most noticeable design flaw was the precision of the foam slits. As displayed in the photo above the foam rows have inconsistent sizing on some of the slits. I imagine the router that etched out these pages hiccuped a bit and reduced the precision that was required. Interestingly enough, it only seems to be an issue on the outer page slits and not on the flip page. While its not 100% aesthetically pleasing, it had no effect on the performance of the box or its ability to store flies.


This waterproof fly box also comes in a clear case version as well, which is a nice option. However, because the outer pages are clear plastic the box doesn’t have any foam rows on the outer pages and your storage is completely limited to inner flip page giving you 14 rows and approximately 284 slits of use. From what I can tell from the website, there is no price difference between the two boxes.


Boasting a total of 26 foam rows with slits for flies, the box contains slits for approximately 524 flies (per my count anyway). That is a lot of space. However, like our last box review the slits are approximately 1/8″ apart from each other and don’t facilitate flies comfortably side by side that are larger than size 12. When storing 12 or higher flies I would space them one slit apart to maintain the fibers of the tying material of the fly.


The fly slits are very tight and hold the flies well. I performed the same shake, hit, and throw test that I deployed on the last review and the box performed flawlessly. I doubt any of your flies are going anywhere as they sit snugly in this box.


Just how waterproof is the box? Well it sat in my vest during an hour long torrential rain storm where it was hard to keep anything dry that was located on me – but it did just fine. While my other boxes got a bit of water in all of them, this box stayed bone dry inside.


I’m not really sure how much more waterproofing you would need, but given its a waterproof fly box I figured I better test it a bit more. I imagine this could become a bit more applicable when the fisherman himself or his vest goes swimming.

I took the box and submerged it for a total of 1 minute. The first thing I noticed was that the box was very buoyant because of the trapped air inside – a good sign given you want your box to float. When I opened the box I found one side of the box completely dry, while the other side had a small amount of water and moisture inside. Clearly the seal on one side wasn’t as strong as the other. I wouldn’t call it a 100% waterproof fly box, but its suitable enough for my needs.


Retailing at $12, the box is a real steal. Its a great price for the features and design. You can’t beat that!


This is an excellent box for the price. The price coupled with all the slits to fit flies add a ton of wins for this waterproof fly box.


  • Double-latched opening allows for an independently moving flip page or for a fixed flip page based on how you organize your flies.
  • 524 fly slits on the green version and 284 on the clear version means lots of flies – need I say more?
  • Holds up well against intense rain storm and floating in water – but I wouldn’t call it 100% waterproof if submerged.
  • Tightly packed slits – met the shake, throw, hit test and passed with flying colors without knocking loose flies.


  • The precision of the foam slits on the outer pages is inconsistent – but the affect on performance is minimal if any.
  • Not 100% waterproof, and the seals are subject to quality issues.

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