Redington SonicDry Wader Review

20140503-IMG_3721A few weeks back I posted my initial thoughts on the new Redington SonicDry wader. I now have a couple more weeks under my belt fishing them, and my opinion of them hasn’t changed. Frankly, the only reason I waited to post a full review was to test them in the heat. They performed flawlessly. Here’s a more comprehensive Redington SonicDry Wader review.

Redington has been busy as well this Spring with the new release of their SonicDry wader line. A step up from the SonicPro waders that we’ve reviewed here, these premium waders seem to be in direct competition with Simms G-series of waders.

A good wader can be characterized by being durable and dry as well as being comfortable. Any other features are extras that provide extra buying incentive. Redington has always been about providing quality for a reasonable price and they didn’t depart from that with the new SonicDry wader.

Lightweight Material
Long days fishing are all about comfort. 20140526-IMG_4710When it comes to a Wader, comfort could be defined as a good fit, an insulating fabric, or durability. The SonicDry wader is lightweight, dry, and fits great.

Handling this wader side by side with a pair of the SonicPro version you can notice a significant difference in weight. The fabric is clearly lighter weight while still maintaining a significant level of durability.

Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on any of the reinforced seams, knees, or legs. They are all still there, with just a new premium fabric. The seams are still double taped and if anything it appears the precision is higher with these new Redington SonicDry waders.

Just like the SonicPro wader, the lower half of the wader is also still reinforced to protect the area of the wader that receives the most contact with nature. I appreciate that given I’ve put plenty of holes in wader in the past walking through downed trees or bushes on my way to a fishing hole.

Dries Faster
Ever been fishing in the river moving from spot to spot frequently on a sunny day and get out of the water with your waders clinging to your legs. I hate that feeling. Its like a hot humid day from your chest down irrespective of the elements around you. Cheap waders take a while to dry, and the result is you end up with a sticky un-enjoyable experience.

20140503-IMG_3733The new SonicDry waders utilize 37.5 technology to eliminate all that hassle. The waders really do dry quickly. Moving from hole to hole and then on then hiking back to my vehicle, I was impressed with how quickly the wader loses moisture.

A couple of weeks after first fishing them I finally put them to the test in the intense heat of the summer sun. They worked excellent. While still drying just as fast, they also breather very nicely in the hot sun. I used to wet-wade pretty heavily in the summer heat as I hated the experience of a hot, sweaty wader on a summer day. With the SonicDry wader I’m much more likely to put the wader on. Not to mention that some tail waters keep such a constant temperature that waders are really necessary.

The wader comes in 12 different sizes making it pretty difficult to find a size that doesn’t work. As I’ve stated before about the Sonic line, II was impressed with the how the waders were much more fitted to the natural shape of a human body than other waders I’ve fished. More than anything the fit has made fishing in them for longer periods of time much more enjoyable and comfortable.

WP_20140607_004I reviewed the size Large, and found the length to be perfect for me at 6’1” and 165lbs. Most of all, I was impressed with the fit around the chest. I don’t carry a belly around, and the wader doesn’t leave a ton of room for one. Sure there is room for somebody with a larger chest or stomach, but the wader doesn’t exaggerate it like so many brands do.
Design Improvements
A few design improvements of the SonicDry wader.. 1) this might seem silly, but the belt loops are highly improved in the new SonicDry waders. 2) the hook on the gravel guard is highly improved. The SonicPro version had a plastic hook that was hard to slip over laces. Using metal, the SonicDry waders’ hook is much more functional. 3) the neoprene bootie is sized more precisely now and reduces the amount of extra material left over in a boot.20140503-IMG_3728

Additionally, the wader has some great features such as a mesh stash pocket on the outside as well as a waterproof outside zipped pocket. It fits a cell phone and other item nicely so you can ensure you get a picture of your catch without ruining your phone in the water. There is also an internal stash pocket with hemostat holder and other small features.


Overall, the material makes the SonicDry wader worth the purchase and the most distinguishable feature over the SonicPro version. It impressed me most in the review. Not only was it lightweight, but it dries fast and was very comfortable.

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