Guideline Eyewear Giveaway – Current

Just got done reading our review of the Guideline Current Sunglasses as a great Fly Fishing Sunglasses option and thinking about getting a pair? Here’s you chance to score one for free!

We’ve got a pair of Guideline Current sunglasses in Tortoise green with Freestone Brown lenses that we are giving away to one lucky reader – that’s a $50 value!!



Use one or all (can enter some items multiple times) below for a chance to win. The giveaway ends on Friday – so enter and share with your friends so we continue to offer these.
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16 thoughts on “Guideline Eyewear Giveaway – Current

  1. And I need them way worse than Anthony, Carey or Joni. The eye doctor said I must always wear sunglasses since I have light colored eyes but my sun glasses are broke and so am I! So, without these glasses I can’t go outside. I am turning into a pasty white wrinkled old lady…all because I have no sun glasses.

  2. Ive had the chance to check out a pair of Guidelines in person… they are awesome glasses!

    Oh and i could really use a pair of Brown Lenses for some of my all day summer sessions!

  3. I am a guide, a professional Tier, and a ROCK STAR 😉 Plus a big mouth, so you want the word out, here is your billboard.

  4. I only have two talents. Fly fishing, and the gift of gab. My nick-name is “gabby”, because I’m always talking about… well, everything. However I’m not a Rock Star, so maybe you should give them to Joni.

  5. Honestly, I have a couple pairs. But I REEEALLLLYYY need a pair of POLARIZED sunglasses (don’t have any of those) 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Well, I need these pretty badly. You see, I suffer from a rare condition that makes it impossible for me to leave my house without a pair of awesome sunglasses on. And my current pair just broke, so I am housebound until you send these to me!

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