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IMG_2177I’m notoriously cheap when it comes to sunglasses. It probably started with a trip to Mexico as a teenager and the purchase of some “Fakleys”. That pair lasted about 2 weeks before I sat on them after setting them on my oaring frame. Oh well, they were cheap… Frankly, they also sucked. However, over the last few years I found that there is alot of value in a good pair of polarized lenses when fishing. This week we tested out the Guideline Current fly fishing sunglasses.

In my Guideline Current Fly Fishing sunglasses review I looked for these lenses as  fly fishing sunglasses that were a good option with polarized lens that work in all-around light conditions. In Colorado we experience many different levels of sunlight. One moment it might be sunny and the next a thunderstorm might be rolling in. So I needed a lens that could take it all. A great moment from the review was fishing with my 6 year old boy on a small lake in the front range hills of Colorado. We were moving around a portion of the lake after a bit of fishing and I spotted a large carp cruising in the shallows of the lake about 20 feet off the bank. Nobody in the group of 5 or so immediately saw it with the glare of the light on the water and its distance from shore.

Jack, my son, being as stubborn and impatient as I am, started to complain that he couldn’t spot the fish and cast to it. Finally sick of the complaining, I remembered that I was wearing the sunglasses and passed them over to him. He places them on his head and immediately says, “Oh there it is!” Meanwhile, I’m trying to track the fish without the glasses on with little success.


The Guideline Current fly fishing sunglasses come in a fairly classic wrap design that gives good coverage of the eye area for outdoor activities. I appreciate this because I wear contacts and keeping the sun and dust out of my eyes is a must. The wrap design really contours to the face and keeps dirt and sun from entering your peripheral vision of eye area. Excellent for long days on the water.


I reviewed the “Shiny Brown Tortoise” color, but the sunglasses come in both a dark green tortoise design as well as a traditional black color. The color was aesthetically pleasing without being too overbearing and from one poorly dressed fisherman to another; probably made me look a little more like I knew what I was doing ;).


The story above speaks for itself in regards to their performance. I’ve bought plenty of cheap polarized lens over the years that have been used fishing. These lenses are a far cry above those others I’ve tried and really to provide a superior ability to spot fish in the water.

IMG_3502 (2)

In addition to fishing them with my son, I’ve had fished them multiple times since. Most recently, I returned from a trip to the Gunnison Gorge where I wore them for three days straight. It was a blast seeing the fish blast out of the water for my salmon fly and I saw every bit of the approach with these glasses.


The Guideline Current fly fishing sunglasses that I reviewed have the freestone brown lens. As a medium brown hue this color I believe provides a good balance from most all-around sunlight conditions. Not too dark for overcast days and not to light for those high sun intense days. That said, I probably wouldn’t wear them for long overcast days as their performance did start to diminish as the light faded in the canyon each evening. One pair of lenses for most light conditions is ideal for the average fisherman who don’t lug around tons of different equipment.

They were comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing them after about an hour of use, so they met my test! Actually on my Gunnison trip, I pretty much wore them for three days straight. By the end of the third day I noticed little discomfort that wouldn’t already be associated with the use of sunglasses three days straight after not wearing them that regularly.


That said, they do fit nicely and are comfortable. The bridge of the lenses that rests on the nose is padded and adds an extra comfort for longer use, and the temples of the lenses don’t add discomfort to the ear area.


A great performing pair of polarized lenses that are ideal for medium light conditions. While I wouldn’t call them perfect for all light conditions, but they perform very well in most daylight conditions. Excellent comfort as well for longer use on those epic fishing days.


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