Fly Reel Reviews

A good fly reel can add a lot of satisfaction to an already good day of fishing. Not to mention the absolute necessity of a good one when wrestling with a big trout. Our fly reel reviews are simple, straightforward, and informative. Or fly reel reviews focus on the reel ability to meet the specifications it was designed for so you don’t have to spend your own money figuring out whether it does what its supposed to. 

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The Okuma Helios has a beautiful brushed aluminum finish that looks great on the rod.

Okuma Helio Reel – 9wt

Echo Ion Reel Review

Echo Ion Reel

redington drift reel

Redington Drift Reel

Ross Flyrise Reel Review

Ross Flyrise Reel Review
Orvis Access Mid-Arbor 3wt Fly Reel

Orvis Access Mid-Arbor 3wt Fly Reel Review

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