Redington SonicDry Wader Review

A few weeks back I posted my initial thoughts on the new Redington SonicDry wader. I now have a couple more weeks under my belt fishing them, and my opinion of them hasn’t changed. Frankly, the only reason I waited Continue reading

Redington SonicDry Wader

The run-off is now on hard here in Colorado and my fishing has suffered a bit. Not to mention a week full of birthdays in our household as well. Not to worry however, I’ve gotten some good time in on Continue reading

Redington Drift Reel Review

Redington Drift Reel

Finally! Spring fishing is here in the Mountain West, and I’ve been having a good time at it. I’ve been fishing some of the local streams near home and also spent 4 days on the San Juan river in New Mexico Continue reading

Redington Sonic Pro Waders

I’ve worn several different pair of waders in my lifetime, and it seems like I always tend to choose a generic big box pair without much thought or effort into their quality. These last few weeks I reviewed the Redington Continue reading